7 Things Women Care About During Sex

There are 7 things women care about during sex. And there are always little things that tend to take on a greater importance when the focus is on the orgasm. But first, what is the “orgasm?” It is a release of tension and feelings deep in the body. It is the ultimate release and usually happens when you least expect it. The release is accompanied by a swelling in the pelvic area, which can feel like a finger being pressed against your vagina.

Pornstar escorts suggested, that to give the orgasm, the giver needs to use foreplay. Foreplay should take the focus off of the self for a while and allow you to just relax. Foreplay is the physical act that “speaks” to the woman, and lets her know she is welcome to join you in your sex. Foreplay can be as simple as a kiss on the cheek before sex or as involved as a massage, or any number of other actions. Just ensure that she is totally relaxed first.

Once foreplay is over, intercourse should be on the next priority list. The intercourse part should just be pleasurable, and not an exercise in futility. The sex shouldn’t be about the two of you “getting back” at each other, it should be an exercise in sharing. If it is an exercise in futility, it will not be fun for either of you.

For many women, intercourse becomes a chore. This is not necessarily because the man is less good than the women, but just that the vagina tends to take time to relax. This takes more energy from the woman, who has to do all kinds of “tricks” just to have the vagina open up enough to have an orgasm. By slowing down to a natural pace during sex, you not only make it more enjoyable, but you take some of the load off of her.

When sex is over, there is usually another kind of activity they are eager to do: oral sex. This can be messy, but it is so much better than just intercourse. Sex is great, but it can get boring after a while. An oral orgasm cannot be controlled by anyone, and it is very intense. It is also very satisfying, which makes it very hot.

Finally, most women like to be touched around the genitals. This is typically done with a hand, but sometimes a finger will do the trick. Whatever you choose to do, it will feel amazing. Women can be rough with men, but if you want to stay inside and feel the burn, let them do it!

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