Safe Sex

While almost everyone has heard and seen campaigns about safe sex, it is still a very contentious subject. Over the years, there have been many myths about safe sex, mainly peddled by people that do not really understand the subject. As a result, there are conflicting views regarding what safe sex is. To clear the air, here is the definition of safe sex and how to achieve it.

What is Safe Sex?

Although there are many definitions of safe sex, it basically refers to sexual intercourse without the exchange of body fluids like semen, vaginal secretions and blood. Safe sex mainly revolves around both partners protecting themselves from infections and unwanted pregnancy. It not only enables sexual partners to stay healthy but it also leads to a better sex experience.

How to Practice Safe Sex

There are different forms of sex that partners can engage in including vaginal penetration, anal sex and oral sex. Safe sex requires that all these encounters are done under protection. Whether you have sex with your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or bbw escorts, safety should always be given precedence. There are many ways of practicing safe sex that you can opt for with your partner. Using a condom is the most effective way to have safe sex.